current lineup:

Burkhard Beins (drums)
Martin Brandlmayr (drums)
Werner Dafeldecker (double-bass)
Michael Moser (cello)

over the past two decades polwechsel's output has thrived on a democratic process of specifically composing for the abilities and techniques of its cast with each member possessing a unique and developed voice in instrumental performance. during this period polwechsel has produced divisive compositions, structured improvisation and electro-acoustic works which have all spoken intricately and explicitly on the organization of noise, the locus of technique, and the dynamism of the ensemble.

polwechsel work with a stringently refined vocabulary of techniques in sound production and sonic choreography. their works often patiently study and extract beauty from the bare elemental juxtaposition of techniques. ...
dean m. roberts, december 2005

Polwechsel1 (hatart), 1995
Polwechsel2 (hatart), 1999
Polwechsel3 (durian), 2001
wrapped islands (erstwhile), 2002
archives of the north (hathut), 2006
Polwechsel/Tilbury Field (hathut), 2009
Traces of wood (hathut), 2012

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