Kapital Band 1

Martin Brandlmayr(drums, percussion, computer, various instruments)
Nicholas Bussmann (cello, computer, various instruments)

Kapital Band 1 is a project by Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussmann. The musicians met 7 years ago playing a number of duo concerts under different names: „the golden boys", „hair" amongst others. While the instant approach was to make an abstract derivate of funk music it happend to be something quite unique - but not funk. By using complex random algorithms the drums and the electronics interact in way that forces the musicians to play with an attention to the moment which you only know from improvised music, while keeping the skelleton of a pop song ! In 2004 „2C" was released, the bands debut album on MoszˆRecords/Vienna. The music has developed far away from the starting point and actually there should have been a second album allready, but the musicians decided to trash it and go a step further. „Playing By Numbers" (Mosz records) is the result - the third album.

2CD (mosz), 2004
playing by numbers (mosz), 2007

contact and links
www.kapitalband1.com, myspace - kapitalband1, www.mosz.org

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