Distorted Rooms

2023 thrilljockey / thrill 594

artist: Radian
title: Distorted Rooms

1. Cold suns
2. C At The Gates
3. Cicada
4. Skyskryp12
5. Stak
6. S At The Gates

Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, electronics, synths
Martin Siewert: guitars, electronics, synths
John Norman: bass

Sampled guests on Cold Suns: Christian Reiner (voice), Billy Roisz (electronics), dieb 13 (turntables)

Recorded, arranged, mixed and produced by Brandlmayr/ Siewert
Mastered by Martin Siewert Vienna
Photography by Jules Spinatsch: Asynchronous III-The missing 20 minutes, 2013, Detail Inkjet Print 378x250cm
Cover design by Nik Thoenen

All music by Radian

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